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Bilingual Education

We have developed a team of teachers who love teaching their students in both Spanish and English.  2022 is the first year of our K-6 bilingual program.  Our bilingual kindergarten and first grade will receive equal amounts of instruction in Spanish and English. 

In our 2nd-6th grade classrooms, our bilingual program will initiate more instruction in Spanish than in English in order to allow time for students to adapt to bilingual instruction, as well as ensuring that our upper elementary students have a strong language arts and math foundation in their first language, Spanish.  For students who have never received bilingual instruction in prior academic years, our teachers will provide individualized support in English instruction. 

Bilingual Instruction in Secondary Education

In our secondary school, one bilingual class will be added to one grade level each year until the new model reaches 12th grade. At the end of12th grade, our students will be proficient writers, readers, and orators of both the Spanish and English languages. 

Essentially, rising seventh graders may choose to continue bilingual education into secondary school to graduate with an international baccalaureate. Alternatively, students may choose to study the minimum required English language credits as mandated by the national curriculum to graduate with a Honduran baccalaureate.  Find out more here.

Our Mission

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."
Phil 4:13

Core Values

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